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I'm not a genius.  I'm not sure I understand what one is even.  But just because I think of myself as independent and a thinker, that doesn't mean I'm any good at either.  What does it mean to be a better thinker?  Seems like a weird question but let's hope Google can show me the way!

I like this result so far: How to learn to be a "great" thinker without losing your mind.


My endeavor to suck less

I thought my first blog entry was funny, in a self-deprecating way, when I wrote it.  I don't think I pulled it off.  The real reason for this blog is to help me organize my thoughts, become a better writer and just be more methodical and rigorous in my approach to work.

Politics is a big interest for me right now so I'm sure I'll write about that.  I'm also struggling to provide my family a good life, lose weight, spend more time outdoors and take the next step in my career.  I'd like to talk about everything...we'll see if I have the guts.


I'm fat, lazy and I suck at everything

I've always been contemplative.  Big problems and ideas are the most interesting to me.  I wouldn't define myself as a rebel or reactionary, just an independent thinker.  Most of my life, luxuriating in self-reflection and social contemplation has been an unproductive behavior.  The information age is changing that.  Now it can be seen as either refreshing, pointless or dangerous depending on your perspective.

I'm fat, lazy and I suck at everything.  I feel like I finally know who I am and now I'm ready to write (yes, another thing I suck at).