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No issue too small...

Painted stone found!

Since corruption and propaganda are so prevalent these days, it's important to put some weight to the issues that affect Americans most.  Here's my first attempt at prioritizing today's issues:

  1. Engagement - citizens must be mobilized for change before suffering leads to widespread violence.
  2. Climate change - the potential loss to humanity can no longer be ignored
  3. Democracy - It's time for us to reverse the damage and even improve on what we had.  Let's be the world leaders we pretend to be.
  4. Transparency - transparency shines a light on corruption.  From the unfair legal processes to government corruption at all levels, transparency is the road to redemption.
  5. Safety and Rehabilitation - The police and prisons can't be left as tools of the rich and powerful.
  6. Freedom for all - Don't let xenophobia, racism and sexism distract us any longer.
  7. De-militarize - Support foreign countries, disarm with them and end wars for profit.
  8. Incentivize - promote long term (20 - 200 year) goals so that short term profiteering is no longer desirable.